At Type A Catering, our job is to keep track of your details.  We will get to know you and
your fiancé, and we will learn that he hates broccoli, and that your maid of honor is a
vegetarian.  We'll remember that you dad is gluten-intolerant, and that your favorite aunt
is allergic to shellfish.  That's our job.  And at the end of the day, that is what makes us
different.  We describe ourselves as a boutique catering company.  What does that mean,
and more importantly, what does that mean to you ?  It means we won't be juggling three
weddings on the second Saturday in May.  Instead, we'll be concentrating on one . . .

Our goal is to help you step by step through the wedding planning process.  We will not
only help you select your menu, but make suggestions when it comes to linens and china.  
We can help you with the layout of your reception, as well as with your time line.

And since we have been doing this for over a decade, we have great contacts and can
make suggestions if you are looking for other vendors and services for your wedding.  We
have our favorites and we are happy to recommend.

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